Tuesday, 31 December 2013


hey guys.. have you wake up yet...
2013 is almost over...2014 is about to come....
 just few hours away to it. any plan on what's going to happen next year?
if do great!!.. may all your plan or resolution comes true!!
be happy guys!! have a great new year.

Phewww.. lots of thing had happened this year...
from do great in my work to  being far from my beloved sweetheart..
ahh what a year.. from sweet love, happiness, smiles, to tears and pain inside.
All happened!!
it's new year!! hoping for a better year better memories better moments created everyday.
hoping for a tougher heart ..
ahh really hard to go well in my relationship.. a really far one. have't seen him about 2 months + till now.. how i miss him so much... but well there's always silver lining in every dark cloud...
to all i had done wrong please forgive me.. i may do it on purpose or may be not.. i owe you an apologies. to all who had done wrong to me i forgive you...forget the past creating the new moments..be happy guys.

THANK YOU 2013... it really goes well.. whether i like it or not.. it had come to an end.. thank you so much..

2014 a warm welcome to you.. we will work well together creating lots more memories together.. till then..
Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... welcome 2014.

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