Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Has been eight months dear..
phewwww... baru ada masa nak buat entry ahahahah..

eight months we were together..
walking through the same path,
tears and laugh mixing in the way,
all we been through,
you are still there,
with me,
loyal by the sides,
never once feel bad of me,
thank you and thank you.
loving you are the best ever happened in my life.


Monday, 29 April 2013


sit by the wall.
think of the past, 
the eyes starts to shed the tears.
the past will never be present neither the future. 
past is past.
regret won't do, 
won't make you feels better. 
get up and move on. 
there's more of future to be walked off
the future full of thorn.
full of evil. 
but yet life must go on
walk on it.
be wise.
good or bad is your choice.
there's a lot of way to solve every problems ahead.
it is all YOURS. 
your mind your path your way.
it's you.