Thursday, 28 March 2013


When the smile become thinner, 
wide it up with your stupid jokes. 

When the talk become few in sentence,
Make it longer with your great answerable question.

When the text takes longer time as usual without any reason,
ring me a bell to wake me up from my day dreaming so i know you are here waiting.

When the usual things done are not even be seen in front of you anymore,
Do it in front of me so that i know you miss me doing all that.

when the eyes are not parallel with yours anymore,
stand in front of me, hold me tight, speak the lovely words in the eyes so i know you love me so much.

when the steps are not the same as yours,
stop me, hold me, Let me walk together with you so i know that you are there accompanying.

When missing you are not being one of the matters anymore,
hug me, tell me that you miss all of me when in front of you.

When the love become lesser and not being one of the important list in life, 
show me your big fat love, make the love grows back in the heart and even bigger than before.

Makes me love you as much as you love me.
makes me miss you as much as you miss me.
Makes me fly in the air with your great love.
Makes me fall only for you, for the real you for who you are.


p/s teruknya grammar akuuuuuuuuu.. sape2 sudi betulkan grammar aku?? ahahahha peninnnnggggg jap ingat grammar ni hohoho... salah salah dan salah okbai.. ahahahhahaha

p/s missing you mohammad takdir ramadhani abd ghani.

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