Sunday, 17 February 2013


When life is so long and so hard to walk,
Take my hand,
Let our heart lead the way,
Let the mind and the heart be connected,
Let me be the all life accompany,
Be by your side when its hard and easy,
Be your everything when you feel alone.

pheww.. today is the day... wow.. how times fly so fast.. its have been 6 month my dear... wow.. how miracle... we could be together this long.. never think can be this long. 1/2 year dear... anyway. thanks for all the times... all hard i gave to you, do forgive me. its just all me. thanks for still stay. 

Much more love here. all the way from my heart to yours.

Let us walk the path together.
Together walk to the right way.
Never give up on every hardness we face on,
We can do it,
With Allah will, 
We can.

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